Saturday, October 01, 2005

I'm missing a perfect Saturday

I've spent the last two years sitting in my cubical thinking about all the great people I knew and the fun times I had in my undergrad career. I remembered blowing off an assignment for a while just to talk about my friend James's latest crush, or spending a couple of hours trying to sort out the cosmos with Bryan, or sorting through stuff found on the ground/garbage heaps/DI shelves with Derek, or talking about shopping with Brit. Even now, as I sit through my 5th hour in the computer lab on a Saturday afternoon that all seems so rosy and fun.

Grad school, I have found, is not quite as much fun. And actually, if I am going to be totally honest with myself, undergrad had its moments of drudgery. Waking up early to rush to the lab through the gray and slushy snow...being unfairly graded due to factors out of my personal incessant need to be the best at everything...not really great stuff.

Actually, now that I think of it I'm actually pretty excited about all this, because when it's all said and done I'm pretty sure this moment of agony I'm experiencing today lost in the memories of the friends I make here and the cool things I get to do.

That's a heartening thought.


back to MATLAB.


Christie said...

cute blog

Anonymous said...

Yes, you will make interesting friends, and you will graded whimsically. And don't worry you will survive Matlab (the online docs help a lot, unless you don't know how to program at all).


brittany said...

or how about spending two years trying to get alan to reveal anything personal whatsoever.

man, i miss everyone!

girl from florida said...

oooh the memories of those carefree undergrad times. You're right... I'm sure we'll look back on grad school with equally fond memories one day. I think any time in life is like this- ups and downs. As long as we cherish the ups and seriously neglect the downs!

k said...

I can't wait to hear about all the good times of grad school! I need some positive motivation to work on my own grad school applications!

Maggie said...

Yeah, being an undergrad is pretty much the coolest thing ever. Especially when your mom comes in town and the two of you make your apartment so awesome that you can't wait to get home!