Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Eskimos are very smart people

Here in the beautiful state of Colorado we are in the middle of our first really cold spell of winter.

Becuase I have been working in a cubical all day long for the last two years I haven't really paid as much attention to my inventory of coats as I should have.

All I had was a wool pea coat and two ski jackets.

Yesterday I acquired this beauty:

I always thought this type of coat was reserved for rich, yuppy, snobby people who had a house in Aspen that they only used 2 weekends of the year.

Boy was I wrong.

The fur lined hood provides a wind barrier and catches all the little falling snoflakes, holding them far away from my little cold face.

I love this coat and may never take it off.

The fact that it only cost me $42 from Banana Republic doesn't hurt either.


Genius said...

You forgot to metion the green puffy coat that you can't wear until AFTER CHRISTMAS! MWA-HA-HA!

I agree, eskimos are smart. I recently have been contemplating purchasing a coat with a furry hood. Although, my coat count is up there so I feel like I need to excersise self control in the coat dept.

but maybe not...

k said...

Very cute! Especially for the price. You gotta love that!

Elle said...

Ooooh, I am green with envy! Especially considering the price! I love it!!

Courtney said...

$42!!?? Seriously?? I fell in love with that coat online, but their webpage says it's $149!!! (Yikes!)

Does the ear doctor secretly work at Banana Republic... where he secretly gives you $107 off all coats?

Not fair!

Smitty said...

Hey Katie cool coat. Just thought I'd drop you a line.

katie said...

What a steal!

katezmom said...

She better not wear the green puffy! GRRRR

SwissMiss said...

Dear G: EXERCISE not excersise!!!!Argh! Curse that inventive spelling!!! I wonder where Mr. Gazdewich is now?

ShutteredEye said...

Hahha, pretty much a girl post. But I feel I must comment....

Erm....nice coat?