Monday, December 05, 2005

Raging Competitive Beast

or RCB for short.

Saturday night my friends threw a birthday party.

One of the games we played was this candy bar game that is kind of like a white elephant gift exchange. There is a huge pile of candy in the center of a circle of people. You pass a pair of dice around and when you roll doubles you can either take a candy bar from the middle or steal one from someone else. The catch is that if you want to steal you have to remember who had the specific candy and ask for it by name. This twist usually means that as soon as people acquire a little nugget of chocolate goodness they hide it away so no one knows who has what.

Now, it doesn't really matter what the game is, there is a little switch inside my brain that pops up like a turkey timer whenever I'm involved. I've tried to quell it, hide it, deride it, be snide to it, but it just won't go away. I know it is unattractive and not very much fun to be playing against, but it is part of me.

Anyway, throughout the game I kept pointing my finger at other people, lying, and just generally being secretly rotten. In the end, everyone was shocked to see that I had a nice little stock-pile of 7 candy bars to take home with me.

The bad thing is that when I have candy, I don't really eat it.

I store it. I hide it away in the corners of my room. I just like HAVING candy....not really eating it.

Normally, this is just a cute little endearing trait of mine, but recently we have discovered that we have a little mouse problem at my house. They have decided to move right in and become the annoying non-rent paying roommates.

My roommate made the comment, "well, they should pretty much stick to the kitchen because we don't really have any food back in our rooms."

All the sudden the color drained from my face because I, in fact, have copious amounts of sugary confection tucked away all over the place. Places so deep and dark that I have forgotten them and now make very attractive little dens of squalor for these furry little brown tyrants.


Maggie said...

I remember one year when there were mice in the basement and I had stuffed some candy in the "library" under the stairs. When the spring came and I decided to clean out the layer apon layer of blankets, pillows and generally soft things to lay on there were millions of shredded cardboard box pieces from all the candy that the mice had gotten to. It was really gross.

girl from florida said...

time to clean out those secret places! Just think of all the goodies you'll find. Then (if they're not already nibbled on by your little friends) you can donate them to charity.

ShutteredEye said...

Mice are ok. It's their poop that gets to me...


Anth said...

Ah, the Raging Competitive Beast. I remember that beastie well.

East of Eden said...

Dcon, get Dcon place it all over and watch the mice eat at the toxic buffet and never come back. This has stopped the little buggers at my house.