Monday, April 10, 2006

I love the Spring

School lasts one month too long in Colorado.

How do they expect me to spend any time in front of a computer while it is 75, blue skies and beautiful outside?

If I could have put yesterday on pause for the rest of my life I think I'd have had the perfect life. It was sunny, beautiful and I was surrounded by people that I think are great. I made the most delicious pork chops I've ever had (in or out of a restaurant).

I almost crammed my frisbee into my purse today so that if there was any down time and I could find someone to throw with I'd have a chance. Regrettably I took it out before I left the house because I don't need any temptation to deter me from the stuff I need to get done.

Being responsible sucks, and it sucks even more for me because I have this lame, driven, ambitious personality that won't allow me to blow anything off.

Sad, I know.


Cory P said...

You get summers off? You suck. :-P

To me, the beautiful day just mocked me as I sat in the lab and worked.

Elle said...

I am feeling you on this!! My car payment is worth its weight in gold when the weather is like this!

little light said...

oh, it's summer and boiling in here. =)

btw, thanks for the comment on my blog. =) i'm glad you swung by there. it's only sometimes that i get to visit another LDS blog. =)