Thursday, April 06, 2006


The ear doctor has been telling me for almost a year that something exists that I just couldn't believe. I'd never seen it, so my sense of logic just wouldn't let me believe that it indeed was real. I asked everyone around me and none of them had seen or felt it either. Nowhere could I get a tangible, logical, real piece of evidence as to its existence besides the ear doctor's testimony as to the truthfulness of it.

But, I was wrong.

It does exist.

Yes, I was unable to prove that these delicious little treats existed until this week when the ear doctor found some for me in Arizona. The sweetness of this knowledge is beyond compare and is so precious to my heart now that it motivates me to want to share it's goodness with all those around me.

Bless you hostess and long live the CHOCODILE!


Anth said...

It looks like a chocolate covered Twinkie. Is that what it is?
P.S. I can't wait to see you in June!!!!!!! What days are you going to be in fabulous Oregon?

Sir James Affleck said...

I grew up on those things. I'm glad to see you've seen the light.

Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Craig and I moved from there 3 yrs ago to Puyallup. No one up here has ever heard of chocodiles and even the hostess reps don't remember them. Wish you
luck in Boulder it's a great place to live(