Friday, December 08, 2006

Random Act of Christmas Kindness #7

Today my boss put up some Christmas lights in the office. He put them around a doorway that I have to walk through a bazillion times a day. He had his minions help him get the lights up. This makes the office feel very festive and puts a bit of a bounce in my step.

But that isn't really the kindness.

The real act of kindness is that my boss took a picture of his boss, the big boss, and photo shopped a Santa hat on his head and hung it as the focal point of the light display.

And thus we see why I have the coolest boss and job in the world.


Courtney said...

That's awesome!

And Lily Allen? AWESOME!!! She's SO cute and her band looked like a high school marching band or something - she had a guy on trumpet, one on the sax, one on trombone, a guy on drums, a guy on guitar, a guy on base, and a guy on the piano. They all looked 20 years old (max) and they were all in white t-shirts and blue jeans. SO CUTE! She has an excellent stage presence and it was just really fun to watch. I love singers who are good performers in addition to just having vocal talent. :)

Mike said...

So how is your foot doing? Did you ever see a doctor about it?

Katie said...

I never saw a doctor.

It stopped hurting, so I figured it was ok.

I'm waiting until my brother-in-law becomes a fancy schmancy orthopedic surgeon and he can fix it for free.