Friday, December 08, 2006

Time to Vote

Exercise your right to vote. Glory in the freedom you have.

Please tell me which of the following I should make for my upcoming Christmas party. Everything I serve has to be finger food because I don't want to do dishes.

Mint swirl bars. Chocolaty, cakey, minty goodness.

Almond Puff Pastries. Don't these look yummers?


brittany said...

choice #1: almond puff pastries
choice #2: baklava

Anonymous said...

None, unless you share with me. In which case you should make mint swirl bars or baklava.


The Barkers said...

My vote is with the mint swirl bars....yummy!

Katie said...


If you're coming to my party next Thursday you will get to sample them. I'm going to make as many as I have the energy to do. They all look D-licious

TRS said...

Mmm. Mint swirl bars look mighty tasty.

Post the recipe?

Anth said...

I can't pick just one. These look delish! (Except for the reindeer - they look like something for little kids.) I pick the mint swirl bars and the delicious cherry crescents.