Monday, December 18, 2006

Things I've finished

  1. My finals.....HOORAY! I thought I'd never finish them. They just kept looming overhead stressing me out and stunting my full enjoyment of the impending holidays.
  2. My party. It was so awesome. By the number of photo ornaments we made everyone make when the came we had about 45 people pass through our door. I made almost all of the treats I posted before. The favorites were the little red and green sandwich cookies (they practically melt in your mouth!) and the cherry crescents. Who would have guessed?
  3. My Christmas shopping...all except for my mom. For some reason she is proving difficult for me this year. It's not that she's hard to shop for at all....she'd be thrilled with almost anything. I just love to get people the perfect gift so I agonize over it until I feel inspired. Now I'm just waiting for all of my lovely things to arrive in the mail. I love Christmas shopping online because it feels like I get a present too when it comes to my little box.
  4. My after-party dish pile. Holy cow was this huge!!!! Even though we only put out napkins, somehow there ended up being an overflowing sink. Saturday I buckeled down and scrubbed my poor little fingers to the bone.

Wow, writing that list really made me happy. I love to cross things off my list!


litespeed said...

Congrats on finishing your finals! That always felt great. Thanks for the awesome party! The treats were all delicious and the place looked great and the company was fun. Sorry we couldn't stay longer.

k said...


did you get the cute green cake stand to go with the cherry crescents?!? :)

Edge said...

I know this is not related to your post, but I ran across something looking for locations for a portrait session. I immediately thought of you. Basically, I took this picture to give my client the idea of a setting.

I noticed something on the lamp that got my attention. I saw your card and gift or hint your boyfriend left for you.

I wanted to take it down and open it. I didn't. I'm going back in a week to see if it's still there.