Thursday, September 24, 2009

Help us design!

The ear doctor and I have lived in the same 3rd floor apartment for the 2.5 years of our marriage. I love how we've put the apartment together, but it has never really felt totally US. We can't paint the walls so they are the plain flat tan. The same flat tan as the carpet and even the ceiling. We're starting to feel like we live inside a bowl of cheerios.

So now that we're pretty much in the home stretch of this house buying extravaganza my thoughts are turning to what we'll do when we move it. What color we'll do the walls, how we'll arrange furniture, and all the rest.

I thought it'd be fun to get your thoughts on the subject so I'm starting a help us design! series. Fun? I hope so!

Here is a 3-D model I made in about 10 minutes of the main floor of our house.

It has a living/dining room that is all one space seperated by a cool architectural arch. Behind the dining is the kitchen. Behind the living room is our bedroom. In between the two is the bathroom. It's a pretty typical little 1920's bungalow. Here's a bird's eye view of the layout.

I thought it would be fun to start today with furniture layout of the living room. We've somehow got to work in our deep brown leather couch (88"Wx43"Dx32"H) :

The awesome mid-century chair that my dad made:

Our green 5 x 7 rug:

and our TV/entertainment stand:

Tell me to put my stuff, what to add, what to get rid of, whatever! Tomorrow I'll show you the idea the ear doctor and I came up with.


JacciM said...

Hey, there, Katie! This is a FUn post idea. I'll play along :)Although, I can only fudge it on the measurements - not sure everything would actually "fit" the way it's arranging in my brain. No room dimensions :)

The couch - I'd float it about 3' away from the wall opposite the front door. Anywhere else, and I think you'll have an issue with making it look right and still be able to see the TV.

TV and table - across from the couch, against the wall at the front of the house, centered beneath the window.

Rug - In the middle of the room or centered on the couch and 2" beneath the couch's front feet.

Chair - (props to your dad, that's slick!) I'd arrange it for conversation, not TV viewing. Would it fit in the bottom right corner, angled beside the TV table?

And may I suggest curtains on both windows hung high and wide like John and Sherry explain here:

Something light and chic like this:

Or even like this (hopefully, you'll have prettier windows to treat!)

What do you think?

Jacci :)

P.S. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog!!!

Maggie said...

Where are the stairs? I thought it had two floors.

Danielle and Clint said...

I think the rug is awesome! And the chair your dad made, even better! From the stuff you have, it gives me a craftmen feeling, which I LOVE!

Here are some accessories I would use:

Green glass bottles:

Throw pillows:

Vintage Subway signs:

I know this stuff isn't exactly cheap that I suggested, but I hope I gave you come good ideas!

Can't wait to see the room put together!

Reb said...

I have no suggestions, but I knew it! I knew you were an auto-CAD genius. I like the, "I threw this 3-D rendering together in 10 minutes." It's jaw dropping that you can do this. I am married to a CAD genius as well. It staggers my
imagination as to how your brain can do this, kuddos!

Anonymous said...

Yeah - I thought there were two floors?