Thursday, September 24, 2009

Work with what you've got

Between the ear doctor and myself we own 6 cameras. 2 use real film (a Polaroid and a point and shoot), and 4 are digital (2 phones, 1 point and shoot and 1 beautiful SLR). Every camera except our phones has some sentimental value to me, as they were given as gifts.

I LOVE my beautiful expensive camera. I love messing around with depth of field in my photos. And nothing comes out crisper that the photos taken with that lovely contraption.

However, I have confession to make. Lately my favorite camera has been my cheap little camera phone. The way natural light always saturates the color out of things blows me away. And the fact that the "shutter speed" is so slow makes the coolest images without me even trying.

At my skill level I NEVER could have got this image with my SLR.

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