Monday, October 12, 2009

I'll take one of everything please

I was really bummed to learn that Pushing Daisies got the axe. Not that I totally loved the plot lines or some of the crazy characters. My affection for that show was won by the costuming department. The clothes on that show blew my mind and served as a reminder that I should (1) wear more color and (2) invest in some great hats.

But with the end of the show where would I turn for outer vestment inspiration?

Enter Glee.

My oh my! Is anyone else just loving the clothes they're putting on our clean freak, overly neurotic guidance councilor Emma Pillsbury. I mean, it's probably a stretch that high school guidance councilor could afford this wardrobe...but let's suspend reality, ok?
Just take a gander:

Would I wear any of these looks? You bet your bottom dollar I would! Plus it doesn't hurt that her hair is pretty much exactly my color...


Anonymous said...

Your hair in my opinion, is much brighter, shinier and a more deep, pretty color. But what do I know, and I may be a triffle pejudiced. Mom C

Leslie said...

you need to google possessionista. it's a blog that tracks outfits, and they always include hers (though on a budget). i'd attach the link, but i'm too lazy. :)

MSmith said...

Megan will surely be able to afford being a fashionable high school counselor, just like the pics :)

random thoughts said...

I can't believe I am willingly dolling out this story... here goes: So the first few times I watched Glee, I found myself so enamored by that character. I adored her clothing,her sweet personality and her big eyes. I kept thinking she reminded me of someone, only I couldn't place my finger on it. Then I realized she reminded me of you. Here's the thing. I don't even know you! The horror! This person whose blog I came across (awhile ago... so long ago, I don't even remember how!).. is so in my mind, that I think I actually know her.
So in response to your question, I most definitely think you would (could, and SHOULD!) wear those looks. Clearly, you could pull it off.