Monday, October 26, 2009

Two of a kind

There are so many crazy similarities between the ear doctor and myself. Things we experienced in college, places we've been on vacation, shows we watched as kids. Our parents even both made personalized melamine places for us as kids and then gave them to us when we moved out of the house.

So it shouldn't really surprise me when we both think of the same things sometimes. But it still does.

On Friday we closed on our house! To celebrate I went out and bought him a brand new fancy pen. You he could sign all that paperwork in style. It was the perfect gift...simultaneously functional and sentimental.

After signing our lives away we both went to work and met up at the house that evening. He unlocked the door, scooped me up in his arms and carried me over the threshold into our empty, echoing, cavernous house. We at take out Thai food on the floor of our barren dining room and had to ask the neighbor if we could borrow a couple of forks.

Saturday morning we woke up bright and early to start working on our little home. Our first project was to pick paint colors for the front room and mark out the wainscoting we're planning to build. I ran around asking him if he brought a tape measure and all I got was his iconic sneaky I've-got-a-secret face.

He led me out to the garage, told me to close my eyes, hold out my hands and brace myself for some weight. Then, he filled my eager expectant palms with the coolest housewarming present ever. My very own TOOL BELT FILLED WITH BRAND NEW TOOLS!

How cool is that!

It was the perfect gift....both functional and sentimental.


Lady Susan said...

You guys are totally MFEO! ;) Congratulations on closing!

TRS said...

How cute! Can't wait to hear about progress on the house.

speaking of similarities...
When my friend's mom was in town to see her new granddaughter... we were comparing pictures of the new mom and dad to the new baby... and I noticed both of the (grownup) babies were nestled in yellow gingham baby decor. They had matching baby sheets 30 years ago!

They said, oh the similarities don't stop there. When her beau was first invited to spend Christmas with her family, they asked him to bring his Christmas stocking - and turned out his mother made it from the same pattern and SAME fabric as HER MOM had made for her!! (different sides of the country!)

Wow! Some people are made for each other!!

Melinda said...

Congratulations on closing!!! And that is an adorable gift!

Greeneyes said...

Happy housewarming!

Your husband has excellent gift-giving chops. Love it.