Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Are you watching the Next Iron Chef on Food Network? Because the ear doctor and I totally are. I can’t decide which show I like better, this or Top Chef. I like that the potential Iron Chefs are typically older and more experienced. They’ve each paid their dues and there aren’t too many total dish failures.

Plus Next Iron Chef has my food crush Alton Brown as the host.

Love that guy.

Anyway, I ask because I was thinking about a past challenge they gave the contestants. They gave them each a surprise ingredient that reflected their culinary pasts. The Jewish guy got Matzah, the German gal got some beer, ect. As I was suddsing up my hair this morning I wondered to myself, “If I were vying to impress the commissioner enough to become his next Iron Chef, what ingredient would they throw at me? What could possibly symbolize my background?”

Since I grew up in the Seattle area I hoped that they’d give me a nice fresh wild salmon fillet (which I’d probably make en papillote). Or maybe they’d give me a firm juicy Fuji apple (then I’d try to make a quick version of this cake…I made it last week and it blew my mind).

But then I realize that since I’m LDS (Mormon) I’d probably whisk off that gleaming silver dome and find a box of lime jell-o or a red and white can of Campbell’s Cream of Chicken soup.

What do you think they'd surprise you with?


Anonymous said...

They'd surprise me by asking me to prepare food in the first place!


CageQueen said...

I think I almost died laughing. A HUGE portion of my friends are LDS and they balk at the food streotypes because here the typical foods (like jello!) aren't used much. I went to one LDS party where there was a jello dish and I was so excited and it was delicious and I asked if it was an LDS stpale and they looked at me like I had a 3rd eyeball. Love it!

Lady Susan said...

I totally have a crush on Alton. *swoon*

Your last comment reminded me of this dinner party idea that my friend came up with and hosted. Basically it was a night of Mormon food cliches: Hawaiian haystacks, lime jello, "better than lovin'" cake, etc. Brilliant and horrific idea.

Janssen said...

Oh, I saved that recipe for the apple cake. It looks divine.

Anonymous said...

I saved thee recipe and will try it next week. That is when we get our gas turned on. So for now we have no hot water or stove to cook on. Thank goodness the weather is turning warm again. Yes we are in Yuma and I forgot to call ahead for the gas company to turn on the gas on the day we arrived. You have to be there to have them turn it on. The gas company truck turned on our neighbors gas today but he wouldn't turn on ours because it wasn't in his computer. Go figure.