Thursday, October 15, 2009

Paint chip round #1

Well, we close on our house in 1 WEEK!!!!!!!! I'm so excited that I can barely contain myself. In honor of this exciting occasion the ear doctor and I took a little trip to a couple local hardware stores to pick guessed it...PAINT CHIPS!

We've decided that we're going to put up a light colored wall paneling about 4' high and paint the upper portion of the wall a brownish gray. We got roughly 60 different options and started narrowing them down by holding up the chips to our couch and rug. At this point we've narrowed it down to our top 10 that we'll get samples of an paint square on the wall a la Jeff Lewis.

The green chip is our rug color, and the gold is what we're thinking of making our sparsely distributed accent color. Any chips that you would throw out? Any that are particularly intriguing?


The Mama said...

I love the green color. :-)

It's so hard to pick by just looking at a picture. But, I think I like the sample that is closest to touching the green. And I don't like the darkest one. Good luck picking colors and congrats on closing on the house.

sam said...

I personally would prefer a lighter gray since I'm longing for brighter rooms. But that's just the opinion of someone living where the sun doesn't shine as often.

And congrats on the house!

TRS said...

I like the paint chip in the lower left corner with the bear on it. It has enough warm tone to go with the brown color - and enough cool tone to also go with the green color.

Keep in mind that the light - even the natural light - in your house may be different from the light in your apartment - so don't commit until you have your samples in the house.

this is so exciting!!!

Maggie said...

I'd throw out the four on the upper right (above the big square). To me they seem too close to white.

dad said...

Ask your mother, she is the paint goddess.

Dan's mom said...

Don't apint directly on the wall. Get some foamcore board & paint on that then tack it up on the wall. You can move the samples around to see the color in different lights in the room & you won't have to paint over the rejects six or seven times like we did (well, our painter did) after deciding NOT to paint our living room chinese blue!