Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dog Days

I never feel like I have anything interesting to write in August. The summer zooms by so fast and before I know it I'm left with 2 weeks of summer and a sinking feeling that I wasted my "time off."

Like I didn't squeeze as much fun in the last 3 months as I possibly could. Like school is about to start and I won't be able to stay up late or go camping or do anything at all. Like there are no more chances for midnight runs to 7-11 for a cherry slurpee. Like I'm trapped inside until summer rolls around again.

But guess what? I'm not in school.

And September Colorado weather is made of the stuff of legends.

So I'm going to be spending the next month doing pretty much the same thing I did all summer which consists of eating more of these from my garden:

Scooting over to the stadium to root on the Rockies with our rally-caps firmly in place:

Playing with my pup while wearing this dress I got on eshakti:

Going on late night downtown dates with my man:


dad said...

I've had one of the best summers of my life. Thanks for all the love.

Hannah said...

I got married this summer and I still feel like the summer has slipped away without me. I have to keep reminding myself that the summers not over yet. Yay for dates and dogs and garden tomatoes.

Janssen said...

Sounds like a lovely way to end the summer. Enjoy!

Melanie said...

so, now that you have the dress... which is GORGEOUS, by the way... how do you like it? Is the quality OK?

Dennen - Hilary - Finn said...

Cute dress! Garrett's flipped up hat is pretty hip too.

megs and josh said...

Nice sounds like you know how to live it up!