Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wedding bells

This weekend was one for the books.

I went to a wedding of an old friend. It was the kind of wedding where I showed up and felt just the tiniest bit out of place. I hadn't really kept in touch with the old friend that well, and I didn't really know any of the old friend's new friends. Plus, there were really cool bloggers that I'd been reading forever and were about to meet.

Plus the old friend getting married was an old boy friend and I just wasn't sure how things would play out. I didn't want to come across like an outsider trying desperately to belong.

Clearly, I still have my fair share of insecurities.

But guess what...

...it was one of those weddings that are fantastic. Tons of cute personal touches, lots of great ambiance, cool quirky music and some of my favorite people in the world showed up to make me laugh. Before I knew it 3 hours had flashed by, the bride and groom had zoomed away on their vintage bicycle-built-for-two and I was left with the happy feeling of an occasion well celebrated.

And then the next day was spent soaking up the rest of the magic in the world at Disneyland.

For me, it doesn't get any better!

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