Monday, September 20, 2010


This weekend we went camping in Golden Gate Canyon State Park. I wanted to get out of the house, the weather was spectacular and the aspens were shimmering gold in every direction.

It was a perfect Colorado camp out conditions.

We got to our site early Friday afternoon, set up and took our first hike. It was glorious to hit the trail. I could feel my lungs struggle with the thinness of the air and my quads felt that welcome burn of uphill mountain hiking.

Sweaty and happy we returned to our site just in time for sunset and foil dinners. I sat in my new camp chair and felt thrilled to be alive and with my man.

Until the screaming started.

The people in the next campsite over had a just-barely-walking little boy who was attempting his first ever camp-out. I really tried to be full of love and charity for our neighbor, and I promise when they were looking I only ever smiled and gave encouraging looks.

But, I have to admit, I was really annoyed.

Instead of the rushing wind through the pines at night the entire place was lit up with the howling of an upset little-boy-banshee. In the morning the sun streamed through the trees and instead of the chirping of birds we were honored to hear the sobs of an inconsolable tot.

As they broke camp by dawn's early light and packed their family back into the Subaru I breathed a sigh of relief. And thought, well, maybe we aren't actually ready to have a kid of our own.

As we drove down the mountains back into town my phone picked up service and I found out that a dear friend had successfully welcomed her own little boy into the world while we were camping. We went over to the hospital to see her little guy and I just fell head over heels for this little guy.

I mean, how can I not want to have a baby when I see this pretty picture....

Scratch that...

Those eyes are making me reconsider...


Melanie said...

Thank HEAVEN they don't arrive as toddlers. No one would ever have children. . .

dad said...

Have fun with Charalet and Greg, we sure did.

Camping with babies has to be tough.