Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Feeling just outside the cross hairs

This week has been a bit intense for me.

Well, not really for me but for people I love and because I'm so close I feel like I'm in the splash zone.

First. My grandma was taken to the ER over the weekend with some intestinal blockage and gall stones. It seems horribly painful and I know she was nervous about going under the knife, but she did and everything seems to be alright.

Second. While we were sitting at the Orange County airport on Monday waiting to come home I got a message from a close friend asking if we could watch her dog because she was having contractions and might have her baby that night. She's 4 weeks early. Yikes. I know modern medicine is amazing, but bad things still happen to little ones born that early. Luckily nothing's happened yet and their dog is back home with them.

Third. My mom left a voicemail on my phone last night telling me that my sister and her little 18 month old son were shopping at Nordstrom when he fell on the tile and cracked his head open. They rushed him to the ER and he got a bunch of stitches on his perfect little face.

I was starting to feel a little stressed out by association, but then I saw these two faces and decided that if they could take it with a grin so could I.

...Although if I was as stone as little Greggie is in this pic I'd probably have no problem being calm either...


Hannah said...

I'm sorry it's been so stressful. ):

Dennen - Hilary - Finn said...

Oh my goodness, none of that sounds good at all. I'm sorry about your grandma and poor little greggie ): Also, I hope everything goes well with your friend because having your baby early is very stressful.

dad said...

Greg will look tough with a little scar on his naugin.

Your Grandma is home and doing well. I,ve been here with her for the past week.

Dan's mom said...

Greggie update: Greggie was a champ during his home-stitch removal sessions with Grandpa Craig - not a wiggle or fuss. The scar looks like it ill be just above his eyebrow. Maggie did great, too.