Friday, September 24, 2010

Just letting you know

In high school I had a pretty strict curfew. I had to be home before midnight.

However, neither of my parents are night owls. They both pass out around 10, so whenever I got home from being with my friends the house was dark and quiet. I'd park my old, red' 83 Ford Ranger in the garage and had to tip toe by my parents bedroom door to get to my room.

All that was required of me to let them know I was home safe and sound were three authoritative knocks on their closed door. Three knocks, followed by a sleepy, grumbly welcome home were our nightly routines.

Which was why I wasn't really surprised last night when I heard three quick knocks on my bedroom door this morning at 2:30 am.

My sister, her rad husband and their adorable kids spent all night driving from St. Louis to Colorado to see us. We knew they'd be in late and I just couldn't see myself staying up to welcome them to the house and still function for work today. So I went to bed.

And how does my sister let me know that they made to my home safe and sound?

Three knocks.

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megs and josh said...

:) too cute :) funny the things that bring us closer together as family