Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Role model

On Saturday afternoon we went to a friend's birthday party. Well, to be specific, the party was a combined celebration for a girlfriend of mine and her 2 year old daughter.

As we walked up the front steps to their house I realized that the ear doctor and I, having no kids of our own, completely forgot that this type of party usually requires a present brightly wrapped and topped with a huge pink bow. Oops. I'm pretty sure that we were the only adults who forgot. I was just starting to feel really bad about it when my girl friend spied our arrival and gave me the biggest, warmest smile in the world.

And then I realized that it would be totally fine that we forgot a gift for her daughter.

Because she's awesome.

She's the kind of person that when you enter the room you suddenly feel like she's been waiting like a kid on Christmas eve for your arrival. That you are the coolest person at the party and that she just can't wait to sit down next to you and make you laugh.

For the longest time I, narcissistically, thought that I was the only person who felt this way around her. That I actually WAS her favorite person to see and be around. But at this party I realized that she makes all her guests feel this way...special, unique, interesting, and wonderful.

I wish I could channel that kind of warmth as a friend.


dad said...

You allready do.

girl from florida said...

I love it! That's exactly how my friend Amy is- she lights up a room. People are addicted to her- and I am honored to be her friend.

I have a feeling you're the same way!

Reb said...

What a sweet sentiment. And Katie, if you do ever rub elbows with me at the temple, I think I will mob you and give you a hug. How funny you saw my twin...whomever that is.

TRS said...

I'm sure you do!