Thursday, January 27, 2011


You know what would totally help me be a more productive employee?

Afternoon dance party

It wouldn't have to be more than 10 minutes, but if the lights when out and some groovin beats started thumping through the PA system it would do wonders for my morale. And productivity. And stress level.

If I had a small business I'd make it a company policy.


Maggie said...

That policy is already in place in the small whiting business and I can tell you it does do wonders.

Katharina said...

Can I come work for your company?

Let's up the ante a little: I would vote for Thursdays as a corporate bake-off day.

dad said...

Your company could have Jack Black as CEO.

denise said...

OK by now no one will read this but I notice that your fingers are flying lately...should it be inspiration? Gahh, I've tried to not be the spelling police and you have to understand how many things I let slip by in the average day. You just happen to be one I love and will let me get away with it. Sorry