Monday, October 01, 2012

getting out there

This baby is due in 1 month.


I feel an urgent need to cram this month full of every possible thing I can before he gets here. We have shots to get and doctors to see. We need to pick a pediatrician. The True green people are coming to fix our grass so that next year baby feet can get their bearings on nice lush greenery instead of tripping on nasty weeds. I want to call friends and make make sure they know I love them before I potentially drop off the planet for 3 months. We need to figure out the best route to the hospital and it's time to start thinking about what to get everyone for Christmas this year because who knows if I'll have time to think of that when he arrives. There are new people I want to have over for Sunday dinner and old friends that need to know I care. There are mountains of thank you notes to write and shouldn't we think about baby announcements now instead of leaving that to chance later?

But mostly I want to really enjoy this month. October is my favorite month of the whole year.

So I'm really glad I spent half a day last Friday with one of my favorite people and our beloved furry friends.

 We walked and talked and I was totally blown away by the beauty of where I live.

 What also blew me away? How wide and round my 8 month pregnant face has become. Yowsers!

I took this picture of the two of our dogs running toward us at top speed through the most stunning crop of golden leafed trees. Pure joy was radiating off them. It felt like magic and made me excited for a future when our kids are doing the same thing...running at full tilt toward both of us...future moms.


dad said...

I also had a wonderful Saturday. I was able to spend time with both my beautiful girls and the excellant men in their lives and then return home to the woman of my dreams.

denise said...

now you've sent me into the end of the year frantic list making, what with Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, but BEST OF ALL, a grandbaby. The best of all, all, all (cue happy dance)

Anonymous said...

loved the pup pics!
aunti m

Anonymous said...

I don't know if it's in the location you're looking for... but I have a pediatrician recommendation. I've heard only good thins about Sapphire Pediatrics (Drs. Larabee & Humphreys). I work with Dr. Humphreys on a Cleft Palate team, and I've had many a parent comment to me about how much they like that office. It's over at Rose Medical Center (upstairs from my office), so may be farther away than you're looking for...

Cory P

Katie said...

P is for Power -

That is the exact pediatric office that my OB reccommended highly! I wish they were a little closer, but maybe they're worth the drive. Thanks pal.

Molly and Jason said...

one day :)

Kendrick said...

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