Wednesday, October 24, 2012

only a week left

1 week until my due date. 1 week.

I have been trying REALLY hard to 1) stay positive 2) not complain and 3) prevent waddling but guys, this last week is no joke. The aches and pains are pretty intense and the will to just push through until the end of the day makes me feel like a marathon runner.

And I've never, not once, even had an inkling that I would like to run a marathon.

One the other hand, I'm really not to the point of total frustration and thinking everyday, "I wish this darn baby would come today!"

I'm somewhere in the middle where I would be totally happy if my belly stopped twisting around like I swallowed a small Chinese contortionist but not really ready for the daunting task of being someone's mom.

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Hilary Frazier said...

I know, it is exciting, but scary at the same time... You guys will be awesome!! I love the sweater you knit! The buttons are my favorite :)