Monday, October 22, 2012

last pre-baby project for me

At the end of last week I got another awesome surprise in the mail. An awesome blue sweater knitted by my fantastically talented cousin Hilary. I opened the box and pulled out the beautiful sweater and draped it across my ever-expanding belly and just loved it.

And it got me motivated to put the finishing touches on my own creative endeavor. I also decided to knit a little sweater for our little man. The pattern I chose was not nearly as cute as the one Hilary used, but I like how it turned out.

Except, it looks like the proportion is a bit off. I followed the pattern exactly and it seems like the sleeves are really long and the body is short. Is this just how baby clothes are? Also, I was a bit hesitant about just going through my leftover button jar and using mixed and matched buttons for it, but looking at this picture makes me really happy that I did that.


Anonymous said...

I am so-oooo excited for you, aunti m
Nice work on the sweater. It will be great.

Mrs N said...

Love the baby sweater! So cute. I think the mismatched buttons are a great note. I've gotten really into knitting in the last few years. It's relaxing and fun, and you have something cool to wear or gift or wrap your little baby in when you're done!

And you can just roll up the sleeves. I have noticed a lot of baby tops are like that - I can't explain it.

Maggie said...

He's going to drown in that thing when he comes out and then before you know it he'll be busting out of the seams and you'll still be squeezing him into it because you'll love the way it looks on him.