Monday, August 22, 2005

I'm pissed

So I just met with the professor that I'm going to TA for and not only did he make me feel like a raging moron for not remembering how to compute a curl of a function, but he also informed me that he expected me to re arrange my entire schedule for his class. WHAT A PAIN! Now I am taking classes that I really wish I wasn't.

I sat in his office with the other TA and stared blankly at his whiteboard while he expected me to just recall off the top of my head material that I haven't studied in almost 5 years. Sometimes I'm floored by professors. They expect you to understand and remember the same amount of information that they know. Never mind that they've been teaching this material for the past 20 years and this is their lives work.

On the plus side, this class is probably going to be really challenging and interesting so I'm kind of excited to learn about it. It's pretty much 4 credit hours of free class. Not just free, but I'm being paid to become and expert on the material. So, I guess when I look at it that way, I'm pretty excited about it. Plus, now I have a goal of impressing him with my ability to learn. Bonus.


Anonymous said...

I couldn't stand a lot of professors in college mostly for one reason only. That was they had no practical experience in the real world and I knew it. When I left college it was just as I expected. Their theories of this or that meant nothing. You probably know more than him simply because you have actually worked with living breathing people.


Elle said...

What a bummer about the professor. Maybe he will get better when you get to know him more. :-)

girl from florida said...

You can do it sweetheart!! Being a TA is really challenging and frustrating, but it's a great challenge that will really help you learn the material.