Thursday, August 04, 2005

Working for Inatech

Laying in my bed with dripping wet hair and a haphazardly assembled ensemble I looked up at the popcorn ceiling of my new bedroom and took a moment to relax.

It seems like fate refuses to let me be calm with a choice, like it forbids me from coming to any kind of equilibrium point. I feel like a marble balanced carefully on top of an upside down bowl; lying ready to fall off the one point of balance.

Yesterday at work it was announced that my department would be laying people off within the next week or two.

My once quiet and reposed mind has been uprooted and expelled into a tumultuous storm of uncertainty.

I'd made my decision to go to school, but stay working part time to support my dirty little shopping habit. With the extra time at work I can comfortably keep my car. My car. My one symbol of being an independent and successful adult. It embodies my achievement and my responsibility.

Now, if I loose my job that supplemental income will evaporate causing me to living like a poor starving student.

I will immediately go from the wonderfully frivolous lifestyle to which I have become accustomed to that bleak world of having to turn down outings with friends simply because I can't afford it.

I was so frazzled this morning that I didn't even put any mascara on.

That is bad.


ASheilainChewelah said...

Boy, that is bad when you don't even want to put on mascara. Hopefully you won't be one of those unfortunate souls who gets canned. But even if you do get laid off I'm sure the ear doctor will be there to save the day.

k said...

I wouldn't worry about it just yet. From my experience, it seems like companies often use layoffs to weed out those people that really aren't performing. It also, may be an advantage for you to be working part time, they are not paying for your insurance, it costs less to employ you per hour than someone that is full time.

Good luck! That stinks that you are in limbo for a week or two. They should just get it over with so people aren't waiting around dreading it.

brittany said...

they're probably laying people off so they can afford to give you a big promotion.

don't worry, you'll be fine.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, having been there, I feel bad for you. Having lived through it and now at someplace better. It's not something to really worry about. It will work itself out.


brentj said...

I got laid off two weeks ago. It really isn't that bad. Just demand a nice severance or threaten to sue for discrimination. Say you have been singled out because you are a red head. Seriously, good luck. It is no fun. I know.