Monday, July 17, 2006

Dear Boss,

Thanks so much for the surprise today.

After my long and awesome trip out to Lake Tahoe (pictures will be coming later) I was kind of dreading coming back to work this morning. Your little gift made it much easier.

Now, instead of trying to keep five windows open at once I have two beautiful monitors to use.

I feel so loved and very hi tech. I promise to use this new monitor to its fullest capacity. It really means a lot to me that you would invest your money in making my job easier. Now when people glance into my office they will see the majesty that is my dual monitor computer system and realize how very important I am.

Because, we all know, your level of importance in the workplace is measured by how cool your computer set-up is. Or was that how your dork level is rated? I can't remember.




Courtney said...


I, too, have dual monitors. (Go me?) However, my company does not love me. Quite the opposite. The second monitor was a clever hoax... used to raise my hope and then squash my dreams!!!

They dangled the second monitor in my face... let me use for a while... and then they have "upgraded" my computer... and now the software that I need and the dual monitor setup are incompatible.


So now if I want to do my job, I have to kiss my beloved second monitor goodbye... of course, having gotten used to TWO monitors there is NO WAY that I can go back to one and be even one quarter as productive and happy. Why or why did they do this to me!!!???


But I'm sure it will work out much better for you.


Anonymous said...

if i have to see one more f---ing dear... letter i'm going to barf. they suck! just like you do!

brittany said...

uh, oh. sounds like somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, anonymous.

jordan said...

The rad thing about the internet is you don't HAVE to look at it.

Hey Anonymous, please come back when you've strapped on a pair.

Katie, glad to see you are back.

jordan said...

Also, you can't even spell the whole expletive? You're anonymous. Who do you think you're protecting?

Like I said, please come back when you've strapped on a pair.

Courtney said...

!!! How Rude !!!
Hoping "anonymous" is a friend of yours playing a strange and lame joke on you, Katie.

Katie said...

No, I don't think anon is a friend of mine. It sure doesn't seem that way.

I just don't understand why someone would keep coming back to my site and reading it if it elicited that kind of reaction in them. I sure wouldn't.

Although, I have to almost take it as a compliment that they are so riveted by my writing that they just can't help themselves.

k said...

I had a hand in convincing my department head and IT guy that certain engineers (like me) needed dual monitors. Too bad they got them a week AFTER I quit my job.

I do understand your excitement though!