Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Dear Bryan, Alan, Becky, and James,

I just wanted to show you what you are going to be missing this weekend:

Yes, what you are looking at is the weather report for Lake Tahoe this weekend. That perfect weather prognosis is what Britt, Derek and I will be enjoying. While we will miss you all, we want you to know that we will be having a fabulous time in one of the most beautiful places in the country with the most spectacular weather you could ask for.




jordan said...

Wow I'm jealous. It seems the only time we go to Tahoe is when the weather sucks.

Courtney said...

I heart Tahoe!!!

Nemesis said...

Hi Katie, sorry if this is random, but I'd like to ask you some questions about Boulder when have a minute--I'm looking at a job opening there. Is there an email address where I could reach you? If you don't want to put your address up you could email me at and I'll email back.

Okay. That's all.

Enjoy Lake Tahoe--it's so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

i'm brittany reed's sister. i only looked at your blog because it is linked to hers, but i really enjoy reading it. especially the stories about the ear doctor. it is not ego-centric to like that random people read about your life. thanks for helping me kill some time at work. ashley reed

Heather said...

How was Tahoe? I Love, love, love Lake Tahoe! It's not too long of a trip from here, and my grandma lives 30 minutes away from Tahoe in Carson City. Maybe I'll get Matt to take us out there this summer.