Friday, July 21, 2006

Dear Leann (Maggie's MIL),

I want to make this hat:

Do you think you could help me figure out the pattern?




Anth said...

Wasn't that the stupidest movie ever?

TRS said...

Is that from 'More Than Friends' or whatever that movie was called?

With Ryan Reynolds... super cute guy. Super stupid movie.
That character had no redeeming qualities because even being a super cutie potootie is not a redeeming quality.


Anonymous said...

This one could easily be modified to look like the one in the picture.

LeAnn said...

Yes - we can figure this out. I've been gone for the weekend - my DH planned a surprise trip to Victoria BC for our 36th wedding anniversary, so I only now checked your blog. The first step is a nice worsted or light bulky wool in the color of your choice & a short circular needle & a set of double points in the same size. These hats are usually knitted in the round but you can do a seam if needed. I'll check my archives for earflaps & a spiral pattern.
Knit On!