Friday, August 04, 2006

Dear Alissa,

Hey girl nice hat!

I'm really excited to see you tonight at the Boulder county fair and get to know you. There are so many interesting facets of rodeo royalty that I have always wanted to know.

For instance:

Where do you get those shirts? The ones with the glitter fringe hanging from them. You can't find that stuff in normal stores so do you order it off the internet or what? Are they one of a kind? Special order?

Is it hard to hold up those flags while the horses are racing around the arena? It sure looks tough. I mean, with all that drag so far away from where you hold it there must be some pretty killer moment loads that you have to react with your little, delicate hand. (just watch the nerd in me come out)

Is the size of your belt buckle related to your status? Do they give them to you when you win the crown?

Do you have to wear jeans that come all the way up to your armpits?

How do you keep your hair so curly? My hair would never hold curl long enough to last from the National Anthem all the way through the bull riding, no matter how much aquanet I used. Is this one of the criteria for winning the title because if it is that would be discriminatory against straight-haired people. And that is just wrong.

What do you have to do to win the title? Are you just selected or is there a pageant of sorts? If so, do you have to ride a horse during the swimsuit competition because I think that would be a little awkward.

Anyway, lets get together tonight after the bull riding/fighting rodeo that the ear doctor and a bunch of friends and I are going to.

You can split a funnel cake with me and ride in my car on the Ferris wheel. That is unless you barf easily. If that's the case you'll have to sit in your own car.

Later pal!




Hello. said...

Think of it this way, if everyone wore JCrew, we wouldn't look nearly as good in our outfits :)Its girls like this that give us a GOOD name.

MissEm said...

Apparently its all about

katezmom said...

Think about low cut jeans and what happens when you bend over and lean forward and what flips into the air as you ride fast on a horse. Would you want that in your jeans??? I think not.

trs said...

Here's what I know from two - count them - 2 rodeo queen types that I know.

1) curled hair is essential. Hot rollers, hot rollers, hot rollers. Even if big, curly hair is not in fashion in the mainstream! The reason... apprantly it looks better coming out from under the hat AND the curls help catch the sparkle from the lights and mirrored ball. That's right... just you watch... there is a big mirrored disco ball at the rodeo. Uh huh (unless - maybe if it's outdoors and they don't have a place to hang it. )

2) no swimsuit competition. Rodeo Queens ain't about that. These girls are supposed to know about rodeo and about horses. There is a riding competition for sure. As well as general questioning. (about horses and rodeo ) No sissies allowed.

That's what I know.