Friday, August 11, 2006

Dear Chicago,

Over the course of my life I've heard many great things about you. It seems like everytime someone has visited your welcoming borders they have left with warm reviews and a heart full of great memories. People I've met from your shining beacon of a city have had nothing but great things to say about their formative years and your positive impact upon them.

The fist contact I had that helped establish in me your glowing reputation was my college roommate. She had the funniest yet endearing Chicago accent and, to my somewhat inexperienced Washingtonian ears, it was quite pleasing. Add to that all the great and hilarious stories she told about her adventures in and around your city limits and I was hooked. I started to have an unconscious bond. I felt that I would just like you so much if we ever had the chance to meet. Kind of how I feel about Alison from Project Runway this season.

Anyway, adding fuel to my flame of Chicago-an love I met a really cool girl the summer I spent interning in Logan, UT. She wasn't from Illinois, but she went to Northwestern and told me all about how, despite it being so hot and humid in the summer that it killed some Northwestern football players (yikes!), it was just the coolest place to be for culture and jazz.

The next summer I had a crush on a boy who loved the Bears.

Then my best friend from high school moved to an apartment 1 block from Lake Michigan. She told me about the nightlife, the interesting people she's met, the salsa class she's taking and this image of how cool and awesome it would be to live there was almost too overpowering to stay away.

Unfortunately, that all has come crashing down with your actions over the past few days.

You've taken the ear doctor from me (for the weekend) and I miss him terribly. I never thought I'd be the type of girl to miss someone so badly when they've been gone only 2 days. What have you done to me? You've duped me my entire life into thinking you were a great city. A place to be. And now what? You've pulled the rug out from under my feet.

I feel so exposed and ashamed. Rendered naked and powerless by my own susceptibility to be manipulated. How could you do this to me?




Heather said...

When Matt and I had only been married for about a month he went on a business trip for four days and I thought I was going to die. It's weird/awesome how attached you can get to someone. I hope the ED returns with a great gift.

aisy said...

dear katie,

perhaps you should have gone to chicago with said ear doctor... thus sealing the fate of chicago being such an amazing city.

i had my first chicago experience last week and it was truly amazing.



TRS said...

Chicago is a great city. Definately go sometime.

A recommendation, I went with all my cousins a couple years ago and cousin Ruthie booked a hotel for all of us to stay called Hotel 71. We all thought it was a very odd name. What a cross between motel 6 and Super 8?
Well, it was awesome. Right at the intersection of Michigan Ave and Wacker Drive (where you want to be) overlooking the river. We even had a view of the Chicago marathon early in the AM.
It was reasonably priced at the time and convinient to EVERYTHING. If it still goes by that name, book it!


Hello. said...

I still have to say that I support Chicago wholely. But thanks for the Birthday Card!

Courtney said...

Awwww. Sometimes it's tough to love someone so much, huh. :) (But it's also really freakin cute!)