Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Dear Mr. T,

As I mentioned to you on the phone yesterday, I'm planning on starting my move from one side of Boudler to the other tonight.

During our phone call I was pretty sure that you committed to helping the ear doctor move my broken futon because I am totally unable to lift and maneuver it at all and the ear doctor could use some help.

However, the email I received from your agent this afternoon informed me that instead of showing up to my house to help move you've instead decided to rip off your shirt, don way too much gold jewelry and fashion a belt buckle out of letters and numbers you ripped of someone's apartment door.

I find this completely unacceptable.

Add this behavior to the subversive measures you went to last night to misdirect half of my kickball team and you start to understand my frustration. Seriously, we had to forfeit because you told everyone that other things were more important and/or the game was an hour after the posted schedule reported.

Please shape up or ship out of my life.



PS I have to give you props on choosing gold over silver....much more this season.


Courtney said...

I gotta agree on the gold... so hot right now.

And re: your comment on my blog - YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shirts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Courtney said...

And by "Shirts!!!!!!!!!" I meant "Cute Outfits!!!!!!!!!!"

Courtney said...

In other news... sorry for the 80 million comments... where do you get your neato headers/templates from? I so need to snaz up my page.