Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Dear fellow blog writers,

Sometimes I love my posts, sometimes I don't. Sometimes I come back to ones that I wrote a year ago and laugh until I'm blue in the face...not because I think they're all that funny to laugh with, more funny to laugh at. Its kind of like going back to my journal from early high school and reading about the afternoon that,
"my crush totally stopped me in the hallway and was standing a little too close to just be friends and then he asked me if I liked the Simpsons. I don't really like the Simpsons as much as he does, but I said I did and then he totally smiled and TOUCHED MY ELBOW. I think he totally likes me but I don't know. At least I do know what he totally likes me more than he likes (insert name of whoever was my secret rival for boys attention). I hope he does because homecoming is coming up and I just turned 16 so I'll totally be able to go. And maybe we can even double with (rival) so that she'll see how totally cute crush is and how he picked me. Plus he's a year older than me so he can totally drive us. Everyone at school is going to think I am SO cool!"

Anyway, back to my point. By and large it seems that I have way different taste than people who read what I write. The posts I think are somewhat decent go un-remarked, un-noticed and pretty much un-inspiring. On the other hand, the ones I write when I've let my brain take a 5 minute time out to sit in the internet corner tend to elicit much more responses (in both comments and hits). This baffles me so I wanted to ask you if you ever experience the same thing?

So do you?




Courtney said...

yes yes yes!!! Why is that!? It seems so strange. I feel like NO ONE reads some of my best work... but they go nuts over stupid crap. What's up with that!?

Oh well, at least I'm not alone.

I rationalize it as... "that post was so good that it didn't need any extra comments or kudos."

Edge said...

I guess we all have to decide if we just want comments or if we want to write or both. I have found to get comments I have to give comments.

1. People don't want to think too hard.

2. Polarizing issues and opinions will draw more fire; e.g. "George Bush hates black people," will get you more comments than, "I love my grandmother." Because everyone loves their grandmother, but not everyone loves George Bush. Opinions are where people start to differ, not at facts or cliches.

3. Ask questions. People won't know to respond unless prompted.

4. Good narration will draw someone in. You are much more likely to agree or listen to a story if the narrator makes you feel like they can relate to you and are credible and easy going.

5. And a picture now and then of your boobs doesn't hurt either. But don't quote me on this last one.


jordan said...

I don't mind if people don't comment on something rad I've posted because a lot of the time I'll read a great post but I just don't feel like commenting. But once in a while I am surprised when some random post gets a million comments.

bex said...

dear katie,

me too!!