Thursday, August 17, 2006

Dear Tyra,

So I'm going to have to say sorry up front because growing up I had a really great friend named Tyra but she pronounced her name like Tee-rah. When you pronounce your name Tie-rah it kind of mixes me up. However, since you are a super star (and are thrust upon my consciousness as the most beautiful woman alive by every media source there is) and she's just a girl on whose bed I used to jump after church while wearing my Sunday white tights under my jeans, I guess your pronunciation may take precedence over hers. Although, just slightly.

So you used to model for Victoria's secret, right? Oh wait, I guess me playing like I didn't know that is kind of dumb because every person who doesn't live under a ROCK knows that.

Back to the reason for this letter.

I was digging through my drawers getting dressed this morning when I was momentarily taken aback by one of the tags poking up in my view. It read the following,

"hand wash cold, lay flat to dry, do not iron"

This would not have been particularly interesting at all until I realize it the tag was not attached to a delicate knit top, as I would have expected, but to a pair of underwear.


Are there really people out there who, without this tag, would attempt to iron their underwear, ruin it and sue Victoria's Secret for not warning that their underwear was un-ironable?

Do you iron your underwear Tie-rah?

Does your maid do it for you?

How can you sleep at night knowing that your maid may be ironing and ruining all of your bounteous (and probably free) delicates?



PS ANTM is my guilty pleasure. However, I truly feel that what you're doing with your show is changing lives and empowering women. I've never been able to watch more than 2.3 seconds of your talk show without realizing that I love my body for what it is. This is a lesson I could only learn from a woman who used nothing more than her near perfect body to get where she is. You really know what it's like to be me!


Hello. said...

When I watch her show, her personality makes me cringe.

Courtney said...

Gasp! I've never seen Tyra's talk show - I didn't even know she had one! I must watch... I saw some pics of my pale self in a bikini just this morning and a whole wave of self loathing flooded over me. MUST WATCH SHOW. MUST LOVE BODY AS IS. Thanks!

Oh and the iron thing - HA!!! Silly tags! It's like those "special" sheets that you don't have to iron. WHO IRONS SHEETS TO BEGIN WITH!!!???

trs said...

Ugh, Tyra's show just irritates me. Tyra irritates me.

You know what Pretty? Just because you have a show doesn't mean you have the brains to handle serious topics like Oprah does. Please Tyra, just stick to fluffy topics. That's all we can take from you sweetie.

And for the record, I watched her first couple of shows, where she showed her pictures untouched. She has an amazing body, and they STILL RETOUCH her photos! How insulting! When can we get the advertising to use real women the way real women look?

Personally, I side with Keira Knightly who complained that a CERTAIN mag wouldn't put her on the cover without enhancing her busom at least one cup size. The Mag said that women are uncomfortable looking at small chested women. Huh?
You go Keira. Flat chics are beautiful too!


bex said...

i think this is funny because when i was in brazil, i was amused to find that everyone ironed their underwear because they hand-washed and air-dried everything, and ironing the clothes made them softer. So you would go into any given home and the mom would be there ironing her little boy's tightie whities. Because. Who wants those things to be all wrinkled?