Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Finding myself

I think I have design schizophrenia. I like so many different and seemingly conflicting design concepts. Putting them all into one house and making them blend will be a challenge for me. For example.

I love this wall (except for the skin rug and the weird little jacket hanging on the wall....also I'd use a slightly bigger bench so that more than one person could use it at a time.) Its classic, balanced, symmetric, awesome. I also really like the black door.
However, I also really like this kitchen. Fun, bright, unique. I would definitely put a different treatment on the window, but I love the layout and that cool big shell bowl. (I'm sure this picture makes the ear doctor's skin crawl)

I love calm looking bedrooms,

And ones with a bit more modern feel.

Ashlynn's parade of homes kitchen is drool worthy....I love the back splash tile!

But I also love this modern rustic look

See what I mean?

Someone once visited my mother's house and after leaving commented that her taste was so.....eclectic. My mom took it as a compliment.


k8 said...

i have the same problem. i loooove a clean modern looking house but lately i've been doing all this shabby chic stuff in my room. i don't know what will happen when i have a whole house to think about. I guess "eclectic" isn't so bad!

Ellie said...

I feel you. But all the "tastes" you chose are beautiful.. so it has to about making it personal, not constructed.