Friday, February 23, 2007

Magical Red Balloon

Growing up I lived in Washington and my grandma lived in Utah.

Every summer my sister and I would fly (all by ourselves) down to Utah to spend a week with grandma and my cousins. I L-O-V-E-D this week. They always organized summer camps, fun hiking trips, pool days and trips to the store for all of us. There was a sleeping rotation so that all the cousins could have slumber parties every night with a different cousin. Because our parents made the effort, I am very close with that set of cousins.

Anyway, as fun as the festivities were during the day, my favorite part of the week was getting to sleep at grandma's house. Every night we were there she would tuck us into bed in the green carpet room and tell us stories.

Her stories were about all different things that she made up, but my favorite set were the magical red balloon series. They were all about a red balloon that went on adventures to different places and saw things all over the world. It was a special moment that my grandma took specifically for me (and the other cousins) that made me fell so loved.

Which is why when I saw Patricia McDonough's work I immediately fell in love.

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Anth said...

What a great story. Your grandma sounds awesome. I remember her house, but not green carpet...