Friday, February 09, 2007

Is anyone else....

completely overwhelmed by all the good TV right now?!?!? Seriously, I barely have the time to keep up with it. Between LOST, grey's, the office, Top Design, Heros and Studio 60 I find myself having to schedule time in to keep up!

I don't know if I can handle the pressure.

My synopsis this week:

Heros: How did they find a woman who looks so much like Claire to play her mom? The resemblence was really impressive. My roommate called it on the identity of her dad, but it was a shock to me.

Studio 60: How does Amanda Peet look so cute on this show all the time? Her work on this show is making me start to forget all the stupid I-like-to-show-my-"assets"-to-the-entire-world-every-single-time-I-step-in-front-of-the-camera work in the past.

LOST: Ben is hardcore and scary.

Top Design: This show could be so much cooler. I'm tired of seeing rooms put together with astronomical budgets. Seriously, make them stick to a real person's budget and let's see them get creative!

The office: Love, love, love the description of Phyllis's uncle: "really old...with brown eyes...and dimensia" Classic. I think the ear doctor almost peed his pants this week, whereas I am getting an ulcer from the Pam/Jim tension.

Greys: What a cute little blonde girl! Oh now, Izzie can't handle that kind of pressure yet! I think Callie is one of the most beautiful women on TV....again! She kind of reminds me of my friend Kath....dark hair, beautiful eyes.


k said...

a huge difference from last year - i only watch grey's anatomy now! i don't think i'll be hoping on a ferry anytime soon. My boyfriend missed the first half and totally thinking like an engineer he asked "what, did the viaduct fall down?" Hmmm, maybe if it did in the show that would promote someone to actually do something about it??

katezmom said...

Thought Izzie did a good job, but she sure was scared. What's up with letting Meredith drown?????

The Barkers said...

To K - my engineering husband said the same thing! Great minds...

To Katezmom - I thought the whole thing was sketchy. And I think that little girl is creepy, not cute. Sorry Kate.

And, lastly, to Katie - Thanks! I think that Callie is gorgeous and I love being compared to her, which you probably already realize! ;o)