Monday, February 12, 2007

An ode to a great planner

Last night as I was giving my sweetheart a goodnight kiss he turned to me with excitement in his eyes and asked, "Are you excited for Wednesday?"

My sweetheart is the best date planner ever. The other day Jordan posted about how she improved her communication with her husband so that he understood how best to impress her, and what her expectations for romance were. Luckily, I've never had to do this. The ear doctor is a natural born planner. I never have to worry about birthdays, anniversaries or Valentines day. He gets me special gifts for no reason and always has fun plans. It's pretty much amazing.

The thing that annoys him most, and now it does me, is restaurants that don't accept reservations. This is ridiculous! And, seems to be a trend in some of the newer restaurants in our area. How is someone supposed to plan a nice date for someone they care about without the ability to make reservations?!?!

That is why I love this website: This website allows you to browse through the nice restaurants around and you can set reservations with all different restaurants through the same website. Also, you can leave little comments for the maitre d' like "we'd like a table by a window" or "it's our 2 year anniversary, so we want something nice." These comments have always been taken into consideration and usually result in personal attention from the chef of the house.

It is awesome and I highly suggest giving it a try!


Ellie said...

This is way smart.

Anth said...

I'm kind of jealous. Husband is a planner, but it's more the large-scale life planning - like career paths and housing trends. I had to come right out and tell him after a couple years of marriage that carnations were a definite NO. And planning a romantic date? I think I see his eyes glazing over from here...I'm going to have to check how this Jordan girl handled things.