Monday, February 12, 2007

Parent's Weekend

I've lived in Colorado for almost 4 years and my parents have only been here once, for a weekend, to watch me compete in a fiddling contest. It was awesome.

This weekend they are coming again for a visit. Here is what I plan on doing while they're here:


11:30 -Arrive while I’m in the middle of taking a lame test

2:00 -Lunch at Tom’s Tavern

3:30 -The ear doctor will test Dad’s hearing

5:30 -I have my ethics class


10:00 -Tour of the Denver Mint

1:00 -Go to lunch at Dish

3:00 -Girl’s Spa Afternoon at ten20

6:00 -Crazy for You at Boulder Dinner Theater


9:00 -Breakfast at Lucile’s

10:00 -Denver Art Museum

2:00 -Baptism of our friend Kevin

4:30 -Go see a movie (Music and Lyrics)

7:00 -Karaoke with the ward

8:00 -Dinner at either the Chop House, 4580 or Laudisio


10:00 -Church

4:00 -I’m making a delicious dinner

8:00 -Goodie plate and TV


Courtney said...

Speaking of visiting Colorado...

I'm on the hook this year for planning the "Annual Girls Trip" for me and my friends... and I'm thinking, River rafting in Colorado!! I did some google searching and you guys have LOTS of rivers to choose from. Any suggestions?? We're looking to do a 3-4 day river rafting/camping trip, probably some intermediate Class 3 rapids. Any tips would be MOST appreciated!
Thanks, Colorado buddy!!!

The Barkers said...

I'm so jealous...I wish I could see your fam...they are so awesome. Be sure to tell them hi and that I miss them for me!!

Maggie said...

I'm so jealous too! I wish I could be there!

katezmom said...

Should you Tell courtney about the River of Death trip we did last year....

Heather said...

I just got to use your suggested to reserve a date for Matt and I at The Melting Pot. I'm so excited!

Katie said...

You've come to the right place. Two of my co-workers are raft guides on weekends during the summer. I'll get some info and email it to you!