Tuesday, March 20, 2007


My good friends Ryan and Vanessa just got engaged on Saturday! I'm so happy for them and excited to help them pull together some of the details for their wedding. They've already decided that they're going to get married in the bride's grandmother's back yard...in Alabama...in August. Which means that, if I am lucky enough to be invited, I am going to be a melted grease spot sitting, roasting in the sun.

That means I'm going to have to find a great, very light dress to wear to the wedding. So far these are the best candidates:

From Anthropologie (of course): Silk and flowy would keep me quite cool. Longer sleeves will prevent sun burn

A classic from Ann Taylor Loft: A more conservative dress ensures that the bride is always in the spotlight, plus I love wearing brown

Via Banana Republic: Holy Stunning! How pretty is this?

From J. Crew: I love wearing this color, and the details on the back of this dress are adorable!


Mike said...

I vote for the J Crew

ali said...

I vote for J. Crew too, though I like the philosophy you use to back-up the Ann Taylor Loft option. Too true!--but I don't think that blue would be too loud.

Thanks for popping by my blog. :)

Kelly said...

The J. Crew color is stunning, but the Ann Taylor dress is adorable too. Tough call!

Anth said...

This is a bit tough. These are all such cute dresses. I vote for the J Crew one as well. I think you should get the Ann Taylor one anyway, because it would be fantastically versatile, but the J Crew one is cuter for a summer wedding.

Elle said...

All great choices, but I would nix the first one. Silk + sweat = yuck!! Not only does it show the sweat horribly, but it sticks to you in those places that you don't want it to....

You have such FABULOUS style!!!