Monday, March 19, 2007

My rad weekend

Friday night the ear doctor and I went, with my two awesome roommates, down to Denver to watch the DU/BYU/Cal Berkley gymnastic meet. First of all, I have to complain a little about the parking situation down at DU. So annoying! How can you have a university in the middle of town and not plan ahead and have enough parking. I was so annoyed as I had to drive all over town just to find a parking spot. Ugh.....

Anyway, the meet was great. BYU got slaughtered, but it was still pretty awesome.

Saturday I worked all day....sick.

Then, Saturday night we packed up into the car and all went to the most awesome event of me life...yes...the demolition derby. There is just something so satisfying about seeing people ram each other repeatedly in old junker cars. Plus, it's a way to reuse car parts that would otherwise just be sitting in junk

Plus there were guys on motorcycles doing back flips 40 feet in the air. Amazing!

If you've never been to this kind of thing because you think it is kind of low-brow tacky you should re-evaluate, give it a chance and go because it RULED!


TRS said...

Devil's Advocate here... the University has been there for many years... probably as long as the entire city. Blame the houses and businesses that grew up around the University, not the other way around.

And #2 - the light rail drops you off within blocks (walking distance) of DU so you could have parked at a Rapid Ride location right by Flat Irons and rode all the way in. or at least drove to the Rapid Ride on Broadway and i-25 and taken one stop over to DU.

Something to consider for next time.

I bet the gymnastics meet was awesome!

Katie said...

Trs, good point. I'll focus my annoyance on all the (crappy-looking) housing.

Ahhh, the light rail would have been an awesome idea! Thanks for the tip...I don't need to make that mistake twice...what a headache!

Elle said...

Loooooove gymnastics!!!

And the derby?? TOO FUN!!!