Friday, March 09, 2007

Taking a sick day

Yesterday I had to stay home and take a sick day.

Instead of reading my newest book Taxonomy of Barnacles (which BTW I'm really liking at only 4 chapters in), I decided to doze off in the cuddlebag and watch movies.

It really seemed like the best option.

As I popped The Notebook into the DVD player I started to kind of chuckle at myself. The last time I watched this movie was about 2 years ago when I was just starting the date the ear doctor. As we spooned on the couch I tried really hard to avoid letting him know what I big baby I am at movies. I did all I could to just let quite, beautiful tears roll down my cheeks, but this movie was too much. Soon enough I was letting out huge, hacking, body wracking sobs. For the last two years I've not heard an end about this.

Well, as I popped the movie in yesterday I thought, there is NO way I'm going to be that effected by this movie again. I know the story. I know the end. I am prepared.

I should have known better....I'm the girl who still cries at Beaches, Steel Magnolias and Where the Red Fern Grows!

As the opening notes of the music started and James Garner's cool, calm voice started my tear ducts perked up. I watched that stupid movie all the way to the end at which point I found myself sick, in pain, and now sobbing and the beauty of the story. The ear doctor would have had a hay day teasing me!


k said...

oh gosh - i sobbed so much during that movie and i am not even a crier!

Anth said...

Just give in to the racking sobs!


But Beaches? You might want to slap me for this, but I hate that movie.