Monday, March 12, 2007

New Trick

Want to know what I love right now?

Cute, cotton button-down shirts like this one I just bought at American Eagle:

What to know what I hate about this type of shirt? The fabric is so light that, even though the shirt fits perfectly in the shoulders, length and bust, it still ends up pulling and gaping across the front. So annoying when you want to pull off that casual/put together look.

My trick?

I whip out my sewing machine and a cute, contrasting color of thread and sew the shirt together between the three middle buttons! It looks great, is really easy and prevents any kind of gaping whatsoever.

I love it and you should try it sometime!


Courtney said...

And you can still put it on and take it off easily?? NEAT! I must try this!

Katie said...

Yeah! As long as you only sew between the middle couple of buttons you can usually still get them on just fine! It really is awesome.