Monday, April 09, 2007

The dress

While I was over in Utah two weeks ago, I tried on wedding dresses with my mom. We started at the most awesome store in Trolley Square, Alta Moda. If you live in Utah, you MUST go to this store. The owner is a really nice woman who treats you like a queen. They only carry designer dresses and have a special relationship with most designers to get their dresses altered to have sleeves and backs. Really, SUCH a great place! I found the dress of my dreams. Unforch, I'm not going to share and details at all because ear doctor reads this and I don't want to give anything away.

The dress I found cost $4600! Who in their right mind would pay that much for a dress? Anyway, I sunk down into a pit of despair after I took a look at the price tag. Ugh. I was annoyed all day.

We went to some other shops and tried similar cuts and styles. The thing is, you can really tell the difference between at $500 and a $5000 dollar dress.

We decided that my mom is going to make me the dress of my dreams. She's an amazing seamstress, at the dress really isn't complicated so I'm pretty sure it will turn out beautiful! Plus, I think it is a really awesome way to have my mom involved in everything with her being so far away (she lives in Washington State).

My aunt and grandma think we are crazy to try to do this.

I'm going to love proving them all wrong.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you found "the" dress. I did the same thing... found a dress i loved, but it was real expensive and needed to be altered to add sleeves, etc. So my mom and her friend made it. She is a great seamstress but had never done a wedding dress. They did a fantastic job and it means a lot to me that my mother made it.

Those fittings (although stressful at times!) were great times to share with my mother.

Good luck!

Ellie said...

I had my dress made by a family friend and it turned out pretty good in comparison to what horrible things could have happened. I hope that it lives up to all your expectations.

veeda said...

Alta Moda really is a beautiful store. I want to pretend I am engaged again just so I can go try on a dress there.

Anonymous said...

Did you try The Bride's Shop in Salt Lake City? If not, you might want to see what they have to offer. Plus it's also a nice cute store.