Friday, April 27, 2007

The settings

For some reason the table settings at the wedding reception have been occupying an obscene portion of my thoughts as of late. Here are pictures that make me smile.

This picture has been saved for a long time in my "inspiration" folder on my computer. So fresh, so alive. I, however, probably wouldn't put dirt on the plates for my guests' food. I think that's a little weird.

This may be a little too girly-romantic for what we're thinking, but I just love that color of blue and the big open flowers. I'm sure there would be a way to manly up this idea, right?

This picture seems so ME. Although, I don't understand the movement of putting sticks into flower arrangements. I'd never pay for sticks.

Love the two tone greens. We'd probably do blues, but you get the picture. I just found out that those chairs cost an arm and a leg to rent, so we'd probably just have normal white chairs.

The idea for the centerpiece is really cool, and so pretty I think. Just grow wheat grass and then on the big day stick tulips down in. Genius! (isn't that a crazy amount of stemware on one table?)

Last, but not least, Jordan's friend Rachel set her table this Easter in the exact colors we're thinking of using for our wedding. Love the milky blue plates and the dark brown cloth as an accent. Plus, I'm a huge fan of the planter boxes and little mint bowls.
Any thoughts? Where else should I look for inspiration?


Leslie said...

wow, those are all beautiful. i don't think you could go wrong with any of them. those poppies really are pretty, maybe you could make them into centerpieces instead of placing them on the serving plates . . .

andrea said...

I was just over at Jethro's blog and saw your comment and thought that looks like Katie. Congratulations on your engagement. I just read through your blog and love your wedding plans thus far. I agree about the photographer. My biggest regret about my wedding is not finding a good photographer.

Courtney said...

My mom had live flowers in planter boxes on the tables at her wedding... after the wedding she planted them in the yard at her house so they would always remind her of her special day. :)

I like the last one A LOT!

Anth said...

I like the third one (you're right - lose the sticks) and the last one.

Elle said...

OMG LOVE LOVE LOVE these posts where you put lots of idea pictures. I loce all of them! LOVE LOVE LOVE your taste!!!! Can't wait to see pics from the actual event!!