Monday, April 30, 2007

The Honeymoon

We're BOOKED! I'm SOOOOO excited about this. We're taking a 2 week land/ocean cruise in Alaska. We're starting in Anchorage and taking a land cruise through Denali, and Copper River wilderness center. Then, we're cruising down the inner passageway to see my cousin in Skagway and ending in Vancouver. We'll have a couple of days in Vancouver, so I want to show the ear doctor Victoria. We went there a bunch of times when my sister and I were little and I loved it!

Don't we look good in Alaska?


Anonymous said...

You guys do look good in Alaska, haha!
I'm excited for you guys to come to Skagway!! Don't buy any of the tours in Skagway, because we can get any of them for you for free.
See you at my wedding this weekend!

ashlynn said...


Dan's Mom said...

If you take a float plane over to Victoria, you would land right in the Inner Harbor, walking distance to shopping, the Provincial Museum, tea at the Empress & the bus tours to Buchart Gardens - the Vancouver ferry docks are quite a bit father away, so you would need to take a taxi into the city. The formal restaurant at Buchart Gardens has a wonderful menu & on summer weekends, they have fireworks. Sounds like a fabulous trip.

k said...

so much fun! i've been to alaska on a cruise and it was tons of fun. i'd love the land part of the trip too! when in victoria you must eat at pagliacci's! we ate there when we went in january and it was incredible!

Anonymous said...

I hope that's a GRIZZLY BEAR I'm looking at!!!!!!!

-The Ear Doctor

cady said...

that's so cool! i've always wanted to go on a cruise in alaska. joe and i are hoping to go on one in a few years.

Courtney said...

Ha Ha! Great pic!!!

A cruise to Alaska sounds AWESOME!