Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Invites

I love the idea of having perfect, themed invitations. Awesome invitations that are custom designed and a perfect foreshadowing of the wedding. However I don't have a gajillion dollars. If only there was a person who has started her own letterpress company who has great style that I feel comfortable trusting.
So far, my quick attempt at finding invitations I love have yielded the following results.

I really really like this invite. I think I'd change the yellow to green or blue (still working on colors), but I really like the style.

From Kenzie Kate invitations, this is a really cool invite. I like that it's not feminine, so it seems like its coming from both the ear doctor and me. Also, these are already colors that we're considering. Also we're doing an indoor/outdoor so this invite kind of introduces that idea.

From Ceci New York, these are my favorite invites by far. Absolutely perfect for the theme/feel I was hoping to convey during our reception! This is me wishing I had an unlimited budget...

These invites are simple, but still pretty cool, I think. I love that the envelope has the pattern from the invite. The plus of these invites is that I can order, proof, and buy online so the turn around time is really quick. Awesome for planning an event in less than 3 months!

Masculine, foresty, perfect for a Colorado mountain venue, which is the other idea we're working with. The ear doctor really liked these when I showed him.

I like the contrast of the loose, organic outer border and the strict inner border on this one. Plus, the branches on the envelope are cute.
5 years ago I would have thought this one was old looking and almost "matronly" but now I think it is feminine and beautiful. I don't know if you can tell from this small pic, but the whole thing is done on a letterpress and the top has a lace-like ink-free imprint from the heavy press. I think the ear doctor didn't like this one at all...I see what he says, it is really girly.

I don't really like the peach ink on this one, but I really like the pattern and layout. Plus the paper is so thick that the letterpress looks AMAZING!

I like this whole set together. I really like the idea of tying all the paper products together. Not in a perfect match way, but a theme way. This whole package is really cool.

Last, but not least, this invite is really cool. And, the ear doctor would be proud of me because it is the ONLY invite in the whole list that has any birds on it. See, I have restraint. I really like the colors and we're considering a blue/brown scheme, so this would work well.


Edge said...

You can do a lot of this yourself if you are determined enough. My wife and I did all our invitations ourselves. Granted, we ordered online, but did all the printing ourselves with fonts etc. We basically paid for paper and envelopes.

A good scanner and a bunch of fonts, the right paper, some patience and this stuff is not that hard.


Heather said...

Very lovely. I especially like the big blue tree ones. Not too feminine, which is right up my alley.

cropstar5 said...

Oh they're all so pretty!! I absolutely LOVE letterpress invites. They are so beautiful!

Creole Wisdom said...

Well you have a lot of fun choices and I adore the blue and brown color combo.


Courtney said...

Three months!?!?!? Is that even possible?! You are amazing!

And really, all those invites are BEAUTIFUL!

Oh I am SO jealous!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kate, check out this website too... it looks like your style.

Anonymous said...

Well I guess I didn't give you the website, oops. It's