Friday, July 27, 2007

Design Dilemma

So, I just moved into a new apartment. I love the apartment, it's pretty fun to live there with my husband.

Yesterday I finally got around to installing my restoration hardware curtain rod and curtains. The hitch is that the ceilings and windows in the new apartment are about 2 feet higher than anything I had in the old house.

Enter my design dilemma:

The walls in my room are painted a nice, neutral khaki/taupe color (this picture is much pinker than our actual walls). The off white, heavy canvas-type (twill) material curtains fall about 18 inches short of the floor and look AWFUL being that the room is waiting for a flood or something. I read in my Domino black book that curtains should puddle about 1 inch on the floor.

My current situation must be corrected, and quick. However, we're on a bit of a budget and I'd rather not just go out and buy new drapes.

The colors in my room are (going to be) deep chocolate brown with blue and green accents. I saw this picture on the restoration hardware site and thought I could just add some fabric to the bottom:

But what kind of fabric should I use? It looks like this picture is some kind of dupioni silk, but do you think that silk would look too...fancy next to the plain canvas fabric?

Or maybe I should add some kind of cool pattern to spice it up a bit?

Any stellar ideas?


poodle said...

you could add a pattern like the one on your wedding invites. that would look really cool! i love the brown on the bottom. so cute!

ashlynn said...

I will be doing the same thing in my new house! Except mine are duponi silk. I like poodle's idea.

Kara said...

Hi! I've been a lurker on your blog for a long time now--I found it randomly but kept checking in because I too am a BYU alum and I always enjoy fellow LDS/BYU blogs.

Anyway. My husband and I just moved into a new house and ran into the same dilemna. The ceilings in the house are 12 feet, so even though I had to buy new curtains anyway, the only ones that I was able to find in that kind of length were at Pottery Barn, at $200-$300 per panel. With 7 windows to cover, that just wasn't in my budget! So I went with the plain ivory canvas ones, like you (mine are from Pottery Barn though) at $30 each, much better. But they're only 96 inches long, so I need to add about a yard onto the bottom of each one. I went to a home fabric store and found an awesome print, also on canvas, for $10/yard! I've never done fabric shopping in Denver, so I don't know what's available, but I'd assume that you have some resources. Anyway. If you're interested in seeing what I've found and hearing details of what I plan to do (I spoke to a designer to make sure I get it right), email me.

By the way, congratulations! It looks like your wedding was absolutely lovely.


Kara said...

Woops. Didn't realize your blog doesn't require an email address when you leave a comment. So I'll check back in the comments to see if you'd like my email address.

Katie said...

Yeah, for sure, Kara! Gimme your email address and I'll drop you a line.

Kara said... Although I think the tea towel you found would be very cute. More work, because you'd had to sew them together width-wise, but cute. I think that would end up giving a shabby-chic kind of look, so that's great if that's a style you like. I think you'd find some awesome 2-color block prints at a home fabric store too though, that would give more the mod, sophisticated look it seems that you like. (For what my opinion is worth :) )

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