Friday, July 20, 2007

Wedding Post 5: The party

Shortly after dinner the rest of the party arrived, and it couldn't have been too soon! I was so excited for them to arrive that I jumped up and scooted out there before anyone else. I wanted to prevent everyone from entering the mansion because I wanted to get the whole party out on the front balcony for a huge group shot. Lucky I did, too because look at this awesome picture we got!

I would highly recommend trying to organize a big shot like this. It turned out to by one of our very favorites!

As people re-entered the mansion they were instructed to take a picture of themselves using a Polaroid camera and tape it into a photo album. Then, they wrote something to us next to their picture. Kind of like a fancy yearbook. Now that we've put all the pages together it is SO awesome. Much better than just a bunch of signatures on plain white lined paper.

After each person entered they were directed straight for what? More food, of course. We had stuffed mushrooms, bruchetta with goat cheese, a cheese platter (yum), ├ęclairs and more.
After eating our fill, again, we headed back out to the back patio for toasts. The ear doctor and I have been to many, many weddings and the toasts are always the part that we feels makes or breaks the “specialness” of the wedding. We asked our parents in advance to prepare something to say. Sure, its not really spontaneous. Then again, I don’t think that anyone has ever accuse me of being spontaneous. What can I say? I’m a planner.

The toasts were awesome. Apparently there was a bet going in my family whether or not my dad would cry. What a sucker bet.

Of course he was going to cry. This is the man whose eyes are “very sensitive to light” or whose “allergies” often bother his eyes. The toasts were perfect and I even learned something about the ear doctor I didn’t know. When he was really little and did something really good he’d extend his arms out in front of him, clinch his little hands into two furious fists and shake his arms really fast. In honor of our big day, the ear doctor’s dad asked all of our guests to do a happy-arm-shake for us. It was awesome.

After the toasts we headed back in for our first dance together. I think most of you know this, but the ear doctor and I love to dance. Love it SO much. Actually I think if you kept track of how many times we spontaneously break into dance it would average out to about twice a day. So, obviously, the music and dancing at our wedding was important.

We chose our first dance song to be “I’ve got a crush on you” which was perfect.

After the first dances we did a daddy/daughter and a mother/son dance. It was awesome because the ear doctor’s mom danced beautifully, and my dad did his best to wow the crowd with his moves. Then, we invited everyone else up to the floor by doing a snowball dance. It was awesome. There were tons of people crowded onto the dance floor, just what I really wanted.

After some dancing we cut the cake. The cake we got was AMAZING! The best tasting cake ever. Plus, she made us a grooms cake in the shape of an ear with a little ear doctor coming out and a fondant odoscope. The groom’s cake was raspberry citrus, and the main cake was half chocolate cinnamon and Italian cream with apricot filling (my fav).

It was pretty delicious

After the cake I surprised the ear doctor with a planned, secret lip sync routine to Michael Buble’s recording of “Everything.” The whole thing went off really awesome, especially my rad back-up dancers. It was hilarious and the ear doctor loved it.

After that we just danced the night away and walked around the room talking to everyone and enjoying ourselves. I found out later that all my space dork friends from work went out on the front patio to try to watch the shuttle as it passed over. So nerdy and so awesome.

As the night drew to a close the ear doctor and I swooped away in his awesome silver truck. I thought the contrast between me in my dress, him in a tux and a truck would be awesome. Thankfully, the only d├ęcor on the car was white writing on the windows (anything else would have made us loose our security deposit with the venue…dang those historic buildings).

We drove off together to our new house.

He carried me over the threshold of our apartment.

I love him.


Elle said...

Ahhh!! I love it!! Yall are so sweet and perfect together!! I am so happy for yall!!

This was an amazing set of posts recouting the event of yalls wedding and I really enjoyed being able a way...relive it with yall.

Now you just have to fill us in on that amazing alaskan cruise!! Did yall do anything cool like dogsledding, hiking up glaciers, etc??

Elle said...

ANd btw...your dress is utterly AMAZING!!! How classy and timeless!! It suits you perfectly!!

trs said...


Your wedding and surrounding events sound just lovely! I love how you had so many different events throughout the day. Is this typical for your faith? (considering the guest limitations of the temple?)

It's all so very sweet. Your pictures are beautiful and you and the ED are the sweetest cutest happiest couple that I don't even know.

now I have a question about your dress. Did your family of seamstresses use a pattern or did they just wing it?

My friend just got engaged and when I shared your pictures with her, as predicted, she loved the dress! For it's combination of elegance, modesty and overall glamour!!!
Like you, she doesn't care to spend the money on a designer dress - so if you worked off a pattern, could you share that with us?

Can't wait for the honeymoon installation!

poodle said...

yeah, the party was great! even i danced, which NEVER happens!

kate said...

it all looks so beautiful, i am sure that your efforts and many stresses about the details were all enjoyed by your guests.

I remember you asking (and being too chicken to answer!) about whether people would dance at a dry wedding. did they??

Katie said...

TRS- we did start with a couple of patterns for the dress. I'll try to find the pattern numbers for you. The only suggestion I would make if we were remaking it is to add some darts or something to the top. We thougth that the belt would keep the top fitted enough, but with all the motion of dancing and stuff it tended to work it's way loose a little bit. I think it it had been more fitted it might have worked a little better.

Kate-yeah, we got people up on the dance floor. I've decided that if you get really good musicians people almost can't help wanting to dance.

trs said...


thanks, you're so kind to share!


Erik and Amy said...

What an incredible and perfect day. The pictures are phenomenal! The group shot reminds me of the movie 13 going on 30. Congratulations to you both. Wish we could have been there!

k said...

you looked beautiful! i love the dress.

and, i also can't wait to hear about alaska!

Josh and Betsie said...

So katie... what is your husbands real name? how about your new last name?