Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Wedding Post 4: The exit and lunch

Many of you may not know this, but there is a little tradition we LDS folks have. Because there are typically many people who we love desperately, and are not members of our faith, we miss out on having important people at our weddings. Also, often the bride and groom take a lot longer than any of the other guests to leave the building. As a result, when the bride and groom leave the building there is always a lot of hoopla surrounding their first steps into the rest of the world as man and wife. Every wedding I've been to in a temple has this little tradition. Everyone waits excitedly for the bride and groom to come out.

Well, for us this was a bit of a snag. We wanted to wait to come out together until everyone from our family was there. When we were ready to leave the building, neither grandma was present. We ended up waiting for a few minutes before everyone was gathered so that we could leave amidst cheers.

It was totally worth the wait.

As we walked into the bright, beautiful sunlight I looked at the ear doctor and smiled from ear to ear. I gave his hand a little squeeze of excitement and we looked onto 25 of the happiest, most loving faces in our lives. It was a moment I'll never forget.

My man gave me a little celebratory smooch as we were overwhelmed with joyous applause!

After many happy greetings...

We all calmed down and took some official family pictures. After a strict 30 minutes of photos (I absolutely did not want to make people stand around in the heat all afternoon), everyone drove over to a little park and enjoyed a picnic lunch. In my family, keeping people fed with delicious food is pretty much the number 1 priority. Add to that fact that my little sister is still nursing her baby and you'll understand why it was so important to get that group of people fed, and quick.

We stuck around for another 30 minutes to take some pictures of us as newly weds alone. There are SO many amazing pictures from this short time, but I'm only going to show my favorites.

(Notice how fresh and great the ear doctor's flower is in this photo)

After we left to join everyone for lunch I was really really glad that I'd rented a park shelter. It was close to 100 degrees that day and everyone would have burnt to a crisp! As it was people were pretty melted. I really didn't want this lunch to be too hard to set up, since my awesome roommate Boggs was coming down to put it all together for me.

After lunch everyone went back to the hotels and crashed. The ear doctor and I were so exhausted by this point. We needed naps more than everyone else if the party was going to keep going later in the evening. Too bad we slept a little longer than we ought...


confused said...

Congratulations and great pics! However, I am a little confused about something you said....

"we miss out on having important people at our weddings."

I still cannot get over the fact that you are told who you can and cannot have at your own wedding. This is so barbaric to me and I'm sure you will say that I don't understand because I'm not LDS, but someone needs to see that this is wrong. Why can't everyone come together and celebrate your special day and not be concerned with what religion everyone is? Why is someone worthy of entering some building while others have to wait outside like second class citizens? What sort of society are we living in that this still goes on?

Elle said...

Katie you look BEEEEEEFUUUTIFUL!!!!! I can't wait to see more of the pics!! Wow, you look breathtaking!!! And yall look so happy and so in love!! I am SUPER happy for you!!

Katie said...

Dear Confused,

I can understand your frustration. The strict rules surrounded temple admittance isn't because anyone is considered a second class citizen. It isn't part of a condeming society. It isn't barbaric in the least. Looking from the outside I can see how it could be misconstrued as hurtful and alienating. Absolutely.

The only thing I can offer is the explaination you yourself offered. You don't reallly understand because you aren't LDS.

No one forced us to have this type of wedding. No one told us who we can and cannot invite to our wedding. In fact, there were quite a few friends who technically would be able to attend, but the ear doctor and I choose to have a very small, simple ceremony. No one forced us to do our wedding any other way than how we wanted to do it.

And I'm pretty sure that the all of the guests at our wedding felt special and included. It was VERY important to me to make sure that everyone who attended felt that way. If you stay tuned to the rest of the synopsis you will see how we mitigated this.

Please don't come onto my blog and condem my religion for being barbaric. That's just a litte harsh. My religion did not force me to have this type of wedding, I chose it. If anyone is ruthless, unthoughtful, uncaring or barbaric it is me.

kate said...

oh my.
I'm so sorry confused had to say that after your post about a beautiful ceremony, where you obviously thought carefully about how to be faithful to your beliefs, have the wedding YOU BOTH wanted, and to include your family of friends in the celebration.

and its not just LDS who don't have everyone at their wedding. My partner and i are not engaged, but we've talked about what we want (One day, *sigh!*), and that is a small ceremony with our absolute nearest and dearest, and a big party with everyone we love later.

I think it sounds amazing.

Anonymous said...


Please don't let the other poster get to you. I really think she's just trying to understand - and I think you have an opportunity to enlighten someone.

I'm Catholic, but I have SOME understanding of LDS. When they built the new Mormon Temple in Omaha, NE - they opened it to tourists/vistors/common folk for a month before it was blessed (or whatever it is) After the blessing only those who - what? - have been 'sealed' ?? can go to certain depths inside the temple. So I suppose that's why some people can't attend the ceremony.

You are right... you chose to have the wedding YOU wanted... and no one should question that!

I've heard a few people complain that they don't like attending religious weddings. One friend said that she feels intimidated by all the standing, kneeling, sitting etc (in a Catholic service) It had never occured to me that someone would feel that way. I understand that those who are not Catholic are offended that they cannot partake in Communion - but I hope that wouldn't keep friends from my wedding!

Anyway, when I get married - I want the full Mass. According to my faith, Marriage is a Sacrament and by golly - I want to experience the Sacrament! The blessings, the joining of two souls... all of it.
If any of my friends don't want to sit through the traditional Mass - they are welcome to skip it and come to the reception. I won't even be hurt!
But I want to FEEL MARRIED at the end of the wedding - and I'd like those who care about me to witness it!

To criticize that is just foul.
But Katie, I really think that first poster was just curious.

GT said...

You can't please all the people all the time.

The party was great and your friends all loved it.


Anth said...

You looked beautiful!!!! Love the dress. (Your family made it?! I'm so impressed!)

And you were...sleeping, huh? Yeah...